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Even with routine maintenance and repairs, your cooling system will not last forever. When it is time to install a new air conditioner, you want to be sure you are getting the best. At GreenTree Air Conditioning Inc., our AC installation professionals in Pompano Beach are highly trained and fully licensed and insured. We can help you select the air conditioner that is best for your home and needs, and we can provide you with reliable, top-quality installation services. We are committed to providing superior customer service every time.

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Benefits of Installing a New AC System

Most air conditioning systems are designed to last for around ten years. With frequent use, parts wear out and break. There will come a time when the most cost-effective solution is to replace your air conditioning system with a new one. While you may be tempted to put this off as long as possible, there are many benefits to installing a new system.

The benefits of installing a new cooling system include:

  • Improved comfort levels in your home
  • New AC systems are quieter and less obtrusive
  • New units are more energy efficient
  • Modern systems have advanced technology and wireless capabilities
  • Can be connected to Nest thermostat systems

Modern air conditioning systems are more advanced than previous models. With recent technological innovations, these systems have become more customizable and user-friendly. From ductless mini-split air conditioners to forced air systems, you have many options. Our experienced AC installation professionals in Pompano Beach can help you design the cooling system that best suits your needs. We will discuss your needs and the configuration of your home with you, helping you select the products and services that are right for you.

5 Signs You Need AC Replacement

1. Constant repairs - If you're finding that your AC needs repairs all too often, then consult with our Pompano Beach AC installation pros. Your AC shouldn't be getting fixed more than once or twice a year and even that's a little too often.

2. Rising utility costs - If your electricity bill is through the roof and you haven't changed your electrical consumption, it very well could be your AC. Especially older units become less efficient over time and need to run more often to keep the thermostat happy.

3. Burning smell - Cigarette smells indicate there's a smoker in your midst. Other smells might indicate that you should get your ducts cleaned. But if you smell something burning coming from your AC then it's malfunctioning and should be replaced.

4. The cost of a repair is more than the AC costs - This one is obvious, but not every HVAC company will tell you this so they can make more money. But always make sure to ask your repairman the costs of repair and replacement before they do any repair.

5. Humidity or warm air - Your AC's job is to cool and reduce humidity. If either of those things isn't happening then give our Pompano Beach AC installation pros a call. Your unit might just need a repair, but it could need replacement as well.

Free Quotes on New Installations

At GreenTree Air Conditioning Inc., we are driven to provide customers with reliable, trustworthy air conditioning installation services. We don't push you to buy products and services you don't need, and we are always professional. In fact, we offer free quotes on all new AC installations. Our Pompano Beach AC installation experts have the training, experience, and skill on which you can rely. When you are ready to upgrade your home or office's air conditioning system, we are there to help. And, if you have questions after the job is done, we are just a phone call away. For your convenience, we can provide services in English, French, and Spanish.

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