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Summers in Florida can be brutal. You need your AC to work when you need it most. Keeping your air conditioning system in good working order is easy. Staying up to date with your routine AC maintenance and promptly catching small repair issues can help you get the most out of your current system. Our AC repair experts in Pompano Beach, Florida are both field- and factory-trained and fully licensed. When you call GreenTree Air Conditioning Inc., you know you are getting the best.

To discuss your issue with a Pompano Beach AC repair technician, call (954) 953-5156 or complete our online contact form.

Signs you need Pompano Beach AC Repair

It always seems like your air conditioner stops working at the worst possible moment. However, knowing when to call an AC repair professional can help you keep your system running smoothly. There are several signs that your AC system is struggling. If you notice any of these signs, it is a good idea to call in a professional.

The symptoms of a malfunctioning AC system include:

  • The system must run continuously to maintain the temperature you set - Usually an AC cools for a little and rests for a little. If it's cooling all the time, that means it's not cooling properly.
  • Your system doesn’t turn on - Check that the power supply is working properly and if it is and your unit still isn't working then call in one of our Pompano Beach AC repair experts.
  • The temperature in your home is not the temperature you set - This usually arises from a broken or malfunctioning thermostat.
  • There is water leaking from the unit - If the condensate drain line is clogged, then the water will find a way out by any means necessary.
  • There are hot and cold spots in your home - If there isn't a blocked vent, then call in a Pompano Beach AC repair pro as there are a few different reasons this could be happening.
  • There is excess condensation on your windows - Usually air conditioners remove humidity, so if that's not happening then there is something wrong with your HVAC system.
  • You notice an increase in your utility bills - This could result from ductwork that needs repairs, or a machine that is operating less than optimally. Either way, it's best to have a local specialist inspect your HVAC system as you're wasting money and energy.
  • Your AC is frozen - If your air filter is dirty, it will obstruct the proper airflow needed to keep the refrigerant from freezing. If you know how to replace your air filter, feel free but if that's not the culprit then your evaporator coil probably needs a cleaning and that should be done by a professional.

Dealing with a struggling air conditioner can be frustrating. Knowing who to call when this happens is half the battle. At GreenTree Air Conditioning Inc., we offer clients across the Pompano Beach area unparalleled AC repair services.

Establish an Air Conditioning Maintenance Routine

Routine AC maintenance can help you extend the life of your current system. During routine maintenance, one of our Pompano Beach AC repair experts will inspect your system, alerting you to any repair issues. We will then provide you with all of your repair options and our honest guidance. In fact, we recommend signing up for one of our maintenance plans which we can customize to fit your specific needs. Services included in our maintenance plans include anything from duct cleaning and sanitizing to repairs and full replacements.

At GreenTree Air Conditioning Inc., you will never be pushed to buy products or services you don’t need. As a local business, we are proud members of the Pompano Beach community, and we are committed to bringing you the best AC repair services possible.

GreenTree Air Conditioning Inc. also offers emergency AC repair services in Pompano Beach. Call (954) 953-5156 to speak with an AC repair expert today.

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